Eric is a young and aspiring Web Developer who grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. In 2014, he moved from the small town of Radnor to the city of London in the United Kingdom, where he finished high school at The American School in London. Eric started his first business, VolpTech, at age 15, setting out with a mission to offer quality technical support at a fair rate. Over the years, he has picked up many skills aside from his technical know-how, including various web front-end and back-end framework skills, database management skills, and general application programming skills. Eric is currently busy with his studies as a Computer Science major at the University of Chicago. He currently spends his spare time working as a fullstack web developer for Crowdstrike, a Tutor at the Computer Science Instruction Labs at UChicago, and singing point bass with UChicago's premiere a capella group, Voices in Your Head. Eric is an ambitious worker who never stops learning, and is always ready for a new challenge.
Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Growth Hacker and Developer RelationsRancher Labs

    September, 2017 - PresentCurrent Position

    Worked as an author of devops tutorials for Rancher Labs

    • Built all sorts of products to run on top of the Rancher stack.
    • Wrote lots of blog posts and tutorials detailing how to run different software stacks and technologies in, on, and around Rancher.
  • Data Science DevOps Engineering (Intern)CrowdStrike / Secure Domain foundation

    June, 2017 - September, 20173 Months

    Built modules for machine learning operations and a containerized ecosystem for shipping algorithms and processors.

    • Utilized Docker to create and ship packaged instances of ML algorithms and processors.
  • API Design and Fullstack Web Engineering (Intern)Bloomberg LP

    Jun, 2017 - Sep, 20173 months

    Developed a platform for message transformation scripting versioning and deploying as well as a message transform processor for Apache Camel

    • Built a REST API to maintain scripts and versions as well as manage users, deployments, and api keys.
    • Wrote a ReactJS + Flux interface to allow users to interact with the API routes in an easy, web format.
    • Wrote multiple processors for Apache Camel to fetch scripts from the API (suppliying an environment that the API used to provide the right version) download them, pass messages through them and feed the ouputs along to the next Camel route.
  • Fullstack Web and DNS Developer (Intern)CrowdStrike / Secure Domain foundation

    Oct, 2015 - June, 201720 Months

    Worked with advanced DNS and Reverse Proxy technologies, building applications on an AngularJS Stack and Express JS / MySQL based REST API Backend.

    • Worked on an independent project with Co-Founder of SDF Norm Ritchie and CTO of CrowdStrike Dmitri Alperovitch concerning secure DNS technologies.
    • Built the new Secure Domain Foundation Website from scratch in a heavily robust manner.
    • Built machine learning models to classify malicious domains based on static whois and resolution information.
  • Lead Engineer (Volunteer)FloatPlane Club

    November, 2016 - February, 20164 Months

    Ideated and created an independent video streaming platform for Linus Tech Tips.

    • Created a content management system to create, organize, and relate tech videos.
    • Built a front end template engine to display HLS streams of said videos including quality selection, chromecast compatibility, and download support.
    • Built FFMPEG transcoding drivers which pull jobs from a database and share job progress through a shared memory cache.
    • Built tracking views in the CMS to follow the progress of transcoding jobs, as well as easily copy/paste templates to show videos from the platform.
    • Helped to implement a Nimble Streamer based buffered HLS streaming workflow utilizing two edge nodes and a central origin node.
  • Machine Learning Deployment Engineer (Intern)Bloomberg LP

    Jun, 2016 - Aug, 20162 months

    Worked on Bloomberg's Machine Learning teams building workflows for deploying long running applications on the Apache Slider framework.

    • Extended Apache Oozie open source project to provide deployment strategies (in the form of Oozie Actions) for machine learning cluster tenants.
    • Implemented the Git ecosystem into Apache open source projects to provide version control and deployment support.
    • Worked for 12 weeks during a summer internship in NYC.
  • Developer, Designer, and Co-FounderDealHunter.Tech

    Apr, 2016 - Feb, 201710 months

    Built a database backed tech deals website from scratch using Amazon's Product Advertising API to get live pricing information.

    • Created an intelligent backend that checks prices and watches price trends autonomously.
    • Created a mailing list with over 5,000 daily subscribers that runs completely autonomously.
    • Created a robust Amazon API price checker and relative price calculator.
    • Created a database driven Content Management System for listing new items with nothing more than a Amazon Standard Identification Number.
  • Web Application Developer (Intern)Bloomberg LP

    Jun, 2015 - Aug, 20152 months

    Worked on Bloomberg's New Energy Finance team, building the back and front end for a project CodeCon, as well as building Angular.js front-end frameworks for the BNEF website.

    • Worked for 8 weeks during a summer internship.
    • Built a realtime collaborative frontend platform using websockets and sessions to write code with multiple users simultaneously.
  • Founder - CEOVolpTech

    Apr, 2013 - Jun, 20152 years 2 months

    Founder of a tech support and web develpment company.

    • Worked for 85 unique clients in the US.
    • Gained 10 new clients after move to London.
    • Built 8 websites for local businesses and operations.
    • Developed DexMon, a daily expense monitoring tool.


  • Web Development
  • Application Development
    HaskellCJava Python


  • B.S. Computer Science , University of Chicago

    September, 2016 - Jun, 2020

    CS 161 (Haskell and Functional Programming) CS 152 (C Programming) CS 154 (Introduction to Systems and Reverse Engineering)
  • General Education and Computer Science, High School, The American School in London

    Aug, 2014 - Jun, 2016

    AP Computer ScienceDeveloping a Cloud Powered Web ApplicationNAND to Tetris - Building your own OSAP Calculus ABAP Macro/Micro Economics
Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

  • President, Microsoft Registered Refurbishers Charity

    Apr, 2011 - Jun, 2014

    A club at Radnor High School that takes old laptops and desktops from the school district, as well as community members, refurbrishes them, and donates them to families in the community who are unable to afford a computer for their home and school work.

    • President of the club for one year.
    • Head of operations of the club for one year.
    • Ran a program to provide a class of 40 college-bound inner city kids with laptops to use for their studies.


  • Music

    PianoGuitarBassDrumsSinging (Bass)


  • Available upon request.